Wonder Years
"First Steps" & "Wonder Years"

Both Programs include 5 sessions, a free 5x7 with each portrait session
order, and our special discounted unit pricing at just $25 a sheet!
Our "First Steps" program is designed for portraits sessions beginning
with pregnant mom or newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months & 1
year.  This is the most important time to photograph your child because
they change so much during this short time.
Our "Wonder Years" program is a graduated version of "First Steps".  
"Wonder Years" is a yearly program where we will photograph your child
around the time of their birthday each year for the next five years.  We
design these portrait sessions for your child's personal interest, hobbies or
special outfit.  You may use your 5 sessions once a year, every 5 years or
all 5 in one year.  Both Programs never expire!

This is Regular priced at $430- Now only $150!