Ty Smith Designer Portraits is located in beautiful downtown Guntersville, directly across the street from the
courthouse.  Ty and his wife Jill own and operate their personal touch studio, creating timeless, beautiful
portraits of children, high school seniors and families.  Ty and Jill are often away from their studio, creating
heirloom portraits inside their client’s home or favorite outdoor location.
  Ty earned his formal education in photography at The University of North Alabama, where he received his
Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial Photography.  His practical education came from working with some of
the world’s greatest teachers: the subjects he photographs and the old masters of  photography he had the
privilege to work with.  The blending of natural light and Ty’s ability to  capture the true essence of his subject
has earned him a charter membership in Kodak’s Promise of Excellence.  
  We invite you to come experience the magic of Ty’s portrait artistry.  Beauty comes in many forms, but
nothing is more touching than a human face, which expresses life, love, and  emotion. A portrait which forever
symbolizes a time in your life must be approached with equal desire and feeling!  We create something beautiful
everyday.  Our goal at Ty Smith Designer Portraits is to capture a moment for a lifetime.  
“We love what we do and cherish our clients, who
always manage to do something unexpected and perfect!  
We feel truly blessed.”        

Ty, Jill & Alice

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”     
Phil 4:13
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