Limited Edition Prints           "Waterscapes"     
This is a seven print water scape series that captures the beautiful mountain lake town that we call home.  
These are the first three of the seven print numbered series.
There will be only 500 of these Original Prints.
“Night Lights of Guntersville”
As the day comes to an end and the night comes to life with the glow of city lights the twilight of dusk
glowing above. Perched up like our local bald eagles, mountain top living offers beautiful panoramic
views of sunsets and sunrises of our river valley.

35" x 31"  Framed Original Prints $365.
“Boating Buddies”
Sailboats sit waiting for their next run down the river.  Local sailing clubs host regattas each weekend
where these boats silently and gracefully slice through the water with their sails full of color.  The
69,000 square miles of Lake Guntersville offer so much for so many lake lovers to enjoy year around.

35" x 31" Framed Original Print $365.
“Alred Sunset”
October skies have unique hues of colors.  This evening the skies were glowing red at sunset in
front of Alred Marina as I drove by after a portrait session on Buck Island. My equipment was ready
for the shot and tripod ready to set up.  How appropriately to name this image “Alred Sunset”, the
color faded fast with the setting sun dropping behind Georgia Mountain.

35" x 31" Framed Original Print $365.